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Feb 1, 2022
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LOT 40:

Sefer HaIkarim - Soncino, 1485. First Edition. Incunable

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Sefer HaIkarim - Soncino, 1485. First Edition. Incunable

Sefer HaIkarim - philosophy and faith by Rabbi Yosef Albo. Soncino, Yisrael Nathan Soncino and Sons Press. 1485. First edition. Complete copy with all the rare leaves.

Printed without a title page. The first page is blank. The text begins on the second page, with a foreword by the inscriber from 22 MarCheshvan 1485, "here in Soncino."

At the beginning of the indices is the word למה and at the beginning of the foreword, the word ידיעת, with decorative borders.

Colophon at the end of the book: "Completed here in Soncino, Lombardy ... on the 21st of the month of Tevet, 5264 years since Creation ..." This is followed by a colophon from "The disciple and servant who worked on this book" who lyrically concludes: "For Torah will go out from Zion and the word of Hashem from Soncino" - a well-known phrase whose source is here.

In most copies, leaves 56-58 were torn out [Ma'amar III Chap. 25], due to Christian censorship. In this copy, ink was spread over some of the lines in these leaves, and what was written on them was added in antique script.

One of the first Hebrew prints. Incunable. Aharon Freiman,  Otzar L'Melechet HaDfus HaIvri HaRishonah B'Meah HaChamesh Esreh. Jerusalem, 1968, 32A.

[108] leaf, 26 cm.

Fine condition. Minimal stains. Some completions in the white margins of several leaves. The rare leaves 56-58 are artistically reinforced. Antique semi-leather binding.

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