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LOT 45:

Attributed Copy. Omer Naka, Commentary On Rashi By ...

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Attributed Copy. Omer Naka, Commentary On Rashi By Rabbi Ovadia Of Bartanura, Chernivtsi, 1857. The Personal Copy Of The Famous Hasid Rabbi Gershon And His Son Rabbi Yekutiel Kamehlar.

Omer Naka, a commentary on Rashi on the Torah, by Rabbenu Ovadia of Bartenura. Chernivtsi (Chernowitz) 1857. The personal copy of the known Chossid Rabbi Gershon Kamelhar and his son Rabbi Yekutiel.

The Sefer ‘Omer Naka’ on Rashi's commentary on the Torah by Rabbenu Ovadia of Bartenura is one of the basic commentaries on Rashi, on par with those of the Ra"m, the Maharal, the Taz and more, and has been quoted many times in “Sifsei Chachamim" by Rabbi Shabtai Meshorer Bas of Prague, which is printed alongside Rashi in all Mikra'ot Gedolot Chumashim.

On the title page is the signature of the famous Chossid Rabbi Gershon Kamelhar, from the favorite s of the holy Rebbe Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Rimanov, as well as the signature of his son Rabbi Yekutiel (1874–1937) who was a prolific author. Served as Rosh Yeshiva and Rabbi in the communities of Rzeszów, Karstein, and Stanislav. Was a disciple of the ‘Arugos HaBosem’. Authored many Seforim on the biographies of the sages of Israel. His Sefer ‘Dor De'ah’ on the history of the Chassidic movement has been recently republished.

[2], 5–26, 22, 15 [1], 12, 10 pp. 20 cm. Stains. A few moth holes. New binding. Very good condition.

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