Auction 55 April 2024
By Tiferet Auctions
Apr 9, 2024
Beit HaDfus 12, B, 4th floor, Jerusalem, Israel
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Or Hameir, one of the first and most ...

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Auction took place on Apr 9, 2024 at Tiferet Auctions

Or Hameir, one of the first and most important Chassidic Seforim, authored by the holy Rav Rabbi Ze'ev of Zhitomir. Paritzk 1815 edition, with important approbations. Special edition.

This edition, Paritzk 1815, is the third edition of the Sefer that was initially printed in Koretz in 1798. Later, an additional, forged, edition was published, with the year '1798' written in it. However, it was actually printed in Paritzk several years before this edition. Moreover, the approbations by the greatest Tzaddikim who limited the printing of the Sefer to fifteen years were also forged so that the ban was prolonged. 

The Tzaddikim who wrote the approbations for this edition, the holy Rav Rabbi Mordechai the son of the holy Rav Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz and the holy Rav Rabbi Yisroel Dov Ben the son of the Maggid Rabbi David of Stephan, explicitly wrote that the previous edition, which stated that the ban was for twenty years, was an 'error', thus explaining the rare approbation by the holy Rav of Stephan, who usually avoided giving approbations. 

[1]. 1-147, 1-48 leaves. Wear. Stains. Slight professional restoration to the edges of the leaves. Slight restoration to the title page. New, elegant semi-leather binding. Good condition. 

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