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Apr 9, 2024
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Sefer 'Ritba' 2 parts, Amsterdam 1813. Copy from ...

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Sefer 'Ritba' 2 parts, Amsterdam 1813. Copy from the grandson of Rabbi Chanoch Heinich of Alexander and from the family of the 'Saraf of Kotzk'.

Sefer 'Ritba' on Tractate Avoda Zarah and Makot, two parts bound together, Amsterdam edition, Netanel Foa Press, 1813.

Personal copy of the famous gaon Rabbi Yisrael Mordechai Morgenstern beloved grandson of the Holy Rabbi Chanoch Heinich of Alexander, and grandson of the brother of the Holy Saraf of Kotzk. 

Many ownership signatures and various listing of the righteous Rabbi Yisrael Mordechai and his son Rabbi Yehuda Leibush Morgenstern of Lodz. Includes one correction of a printing error.

The Righteous Gaon Rabbi Yisrael Mordechai Morgenstern of Plotzk was the son of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lodz (son of Rabbi Yisrael brother of the Saraf of Kotzk) and his mother Rebbetzin Bracha Shifra Miriam was the daughter of the Holy Rabbi Chanoch Heinich of Alexander.

On the flyleaf and cover pages of the sefer are many stamps and signatures. Some ownership signatures of different names have not been verified. Includes Censor stamp.

[1] 1-70, [1] 1-36.

Aging stains, spinal binding is a bit ruined, few moth holes. Good – very good condition.