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Jan 22, 2020
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LOT 234:

Shabbat candlesticks in which Lighting the rabbezent Haya Muska Schneerson the wife of the Lubavitch Rebbe

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Shabbat candlesticks in which Lighting the rabbezent Haya Muska Schneerson the wife of the Lubavitch Rebbe

The candlesticks in which the Shabbat candles were lit in the home of the Lubavitcher Rebbe for years. Every Saturday the rabbezent lit Shabbat candles in these candlesticks.

The candlesticks came from Mrs. Galperin's family, Chaya Muskh's close friend for about fifty years. The two were friends in the 1930s. Back in the 1930s With the rise of the Nazis, the Rebbe and the rabbinate emigrated from Berlin to the United States, while Mrs. Galperin remained in Europe. During the Holocaust, Mrs. Galperin survived with great miracles, and with the end of the war, she arrived in the United States Inevitably. The Rebbetzin, known for her noble and marvelous grace, gave to her  personal tools that she has used, including her Shabbat candlesticks before us.

Attached a signed certificate confirming the above.

Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson - [1901-1988] was born to her father, the Rebbe HaRayatz', and to her rabbinic mother, Nechama Dina. She was married to Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Lubavitch, who was crowned Admor after the death of her father the Rayatz. In 1929 she married her relative - the Lubavitcher Rebbe - a sixth generation son of after son of the " Zemach Tzedek" .  Throughout her life, she helped a great deal her husband, who began serving as Admor in 1951. With her great ingenuity and sheer modesty, she was able to stand alongside the Rebbe throughout the years in his great establishments. In her last few years she has been involved in Operation Holy Shabbat candles.

Height: 23 cm. Very good condition.