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LOT 27:

Ohr HaChaim HaKodesh Commentary on the Torah. First Edition, With the Original First Title Page. Rare in Both ...

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Ohr HaChaim HaKodesh Commentary on the Torah. First Edition, With the Original First Title Page. Rare in Both Condition and Completeness!

Orchot Chaim - chamishah chumshei Torah with Targum and Rash"i's commentary, and the Ohr HaChaim commentary by Rabbeinu Chaim ben Attar - the author, the Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh. Venice, 1741. First edition of the Ohr HaChaim commentary on the Torah. Complete copy.

On the book's title page: "New commentary on chamishah chumshei Torah ... prepared and researched by ... the sage in wisdom, reverence and humility, Rabbi Chaim ibn Attar, a resident of the West, who just left to establish a study hall in Jerusalem ... new novellae not thought of by Earlier Authorities ..." The author opens his commentary: "The heavens opened and I saw Divine visions ..."

Both title pages have the book name printed as Orchot Chaim, but in the author's preface, he writes that the name of the book is Ohr HaChaim and on the tops of the book's pages, "Ohr HaChaim" is printed, as it has been accepted through the generations.

As mentioned in Ginzei Yisrael-Osef Mehlman [no. 624], the first title page is lacking in many copies. Given that the two title pages are similar with the exception of the words "first" and "second, " there are copies in which the second title page is in place of the first title page, but the words "Part II" were covered with a sticker printed with "Part I."

Before us are the two original title pages for Part I and the original title page for Part II. The book is entirely complete, with the approbations, the author's preface, and with the censor's permit in Italian in both parts.

The author, Rabbi Chaim ben Attar (1696-1743), the "Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh, " was among the sages of Salé, Morocco. He ascended to the Land of Israel via Italy, where he remained in Livorno from 1739-1742. He complete the work while he was in Livorno, on 15 Av 1741, and immediately sent it from there to Venice to be printed. This author is one of the few rabbinic leaders of the generations adorned with the name "HaKadosh" all throughout the Diaspora.

The two parts are in one volume. [4], 86; 78; 8: [2], 60, 72; 58; 12 leaves. The leaves of haftarahs were bound at the end of each part. 32 cm.

Fine-very fine condition. The first title page has a professionally photocopied completion in the upper right corner. Very few stains. The last leaf was professionally repaired with damage to only six words.

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