Auction 12 Tiferet Auction House - 12 - Special and Rare items, Manuscripts and Religious articles
Mar 18, 2020 (your local time)
 Shenhav Building, B, 12 Beit Hadfus st , Jerusalem

Tiferet Auction House - Auction 12 - Special Rare items!

Rare items from Tzadikim from previous generations , Holy Manuscripts written by varies great Hasidic Tzadikim, Religious articles, letter from great rabbinic leaders from The Sfardic and Ashkenazic communities.

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LOT 2:

Letter on timely matters full of blessings by the great gaon Rabbi Shlomo Sofer son of the Ketav Sofer, in it he ...

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Sold for: $650
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$ 350
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$800 - $1,200
Auction house commission: 23%
VAT: 17% On commission only

Letter on timely matters full of blessings by the great gaon Rabbi Shlomo Sofer son of the Ketav Sofer, in it he mentions his brother the Hisorerus Teshuva of Erlau.
Postcard letter personally hand written and signed by the Holy Rabbi Shlomo Sofer Abd of the city of Beregsaz (Berehove or Beregovo) and son of the Ketav Sofer, who also published his seforim and Torah innovations of his holy father. 

The letter was sent to the Gaon Rabbi David Yuda Bloom, in which he informs him that he would appeal to his brother the holy 'Hisorerus Teshuva' of Erlau (from the great poskim of the Hungarian Jewery), for his Rabbinical position. Rabbi Shlomo recounts in his letter that there has already been petitions from several sides, though I will do my part.
On the second side of the letter, the Gaon Rabbi Shlomo blesses the venerable and righteous Rabbinical philanthropist, Rabbi Meir Tauber for his donation and help to strengthen the young Torah youths who are learning Torah.

The Holy Rabbi Shlomo Sofer, son of the Holy Ketav Sofer was Rav in the city of Beregsaz (Berehove or Beregovo). He published his father's sefarim, and authored many sefarim among them the renowned biography sefer on his holy forth fathers 'Chut Hameshulash'.

The Gaon and philanthropist Rabbi Meir Tauber,   was disciple of the Holy Rabbi of Werbau (Vrbové) and the Chasam Sofer. Author of sefer 'Eyin Meir' on Tractates of Shas. The Holy Chasam Sofer expressed on him :' כי 'יודע אני שתלמידי הרב מווערבוי אינם מוצאים חפץ בשיעוריי כמו בשיעורי רבם'

Written mail postcard 14x9 cm. stamped and signed.
Very good condition.

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