Auction 5 Numismatics - Eretz Israel - Hundreds of special items - coins, banknotes, tokens, medals, paper tokens and more
Dec 10, 2019 (Your local time)
 Only for collecting - st' Menachem Begin 37, Tel Aviv, Israel

We are proud to present you a large collection of banknotes and coins of Israel, banknotes and coins of the British Mandate (Palestine), ghetto banknotes, Jewish medals and many other interesting items.

It is strongly recommended that you go through the entire catalog, no matter what your collection focuses on, whether it is notes or coins or anything else. Each item of one level or another has its own story, history it represents and sometimes these are items of exceptional historical significance and breathtaking!

For us collectors, the desire for perfection in everything we put our hand on is sometimes a matter of habit, the desire to achieve anything even if the difference between one variation is minimal, some will say macroscopic but still most collectors will not compromise and will always aspire to as much as we do. As we work on our sale, this is the candle that lights the way for us.

In ant work we allow you to take part in the carrying the history among you, items that are stored by a small number of collectors and are now on sale, some of the items were not seen in the collection market for several years and this is a special opportunity to improve your collection and take it a few steps forward. We believe that the greatest opportunity in life is not to cut to fate as a result of the work of thought, you are more than welcome to examine the nature of the material objectively and judge for yourself how special the items are.

Hope from the catalog you can learn and teach, renew your collection and of course enjoy the whole process.

As always, we endeavored to open very attractive opening prices and attach a host of enlightening pictures.

- Anyone who does not want / can collect the items of course that can be shipped according to the Israel Post / Courier pricing.

- Feel free to log in and follow our Facebook page and stay up to date on our sales.

Some points to clarify:

- Shipping cost according to the delivery rates.

- Cannot cancel bid after you put it.

- After the auction is over, their wont be direct sale of the items which didnt sold.

- For any question you are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to assist, even if it is general advice in the field of collection and not necessarily to participate in the sale.

The auction has ended

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Start price:
$ 50
Estimated price:
$150 - $180
Auction house commission: 17% More details
VAT: On commission only

A variety of informative and interesting catalogs from a number of auctions house around the world

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