Auction 87 Jewish and Israeli Art, History and Culture - Including: sketches by Ze'ev Raban and Bezalel items, hildren's books, avant-garde books, rare ladino periodicals, and more
By Kedem
Jul 19, 2022
8 Ramban St, Jerusalem., Israel

The present catalogue includes an extensive chapter dedicated to Bezalel artists, including illustrated books, various objects, drawing and paintings. This chapter features numerous original sketches for works by Ze'ev Raban - Raban's sketchbook (lot 318), sketches for illustrations to the Song of Songs (lot 320), sketches of the signs of the Zodiac (lot 327), a large collection of photographs of works by Raban and Meir Gur Aryeh (lot 344), and many other unique items from the estate of Shlomo Kedmi, who succeeded Raban and Gur Aryeh in the Industrial Art Studio.

The chapter dedicated to Hebrew children's books features charming works by prominent writers and illustrators: stories by Benzion Raskin illustrated by Uriel Kahana, Chaim Hanft and Haim Goldberg; poems by Itzhak Katzenelson illustrated by Gertrud Caspari; rhymes by Ya'akov David Kamson illustrated by Else Wenz-Viëtor; children's book published by "Omanut", with color lithograph illustrations by "Chavurat Tsayarim" (Apter, Mutzelmacher, Kravtsov and Higer); pop-up books illustrated by David Gilboa; and other rare books.

The avant-garde chapter features Yiiddish, Hebrew and Russian books, with illustrations and cover-designs by important Russian avant-garde artists such as El Lissitzky, Joseph Chaikov, Issachar Ber Ryback, Mark Epstein and Nathan Altman.

The catalogue further features a variety of choice items representing the history of Palestine and Zionism, bibliophile works, letters, travelogues and maps of Palestine, photographs, postcards, rare Ladino periodicals, works by Safed-based artist Yosef Zvi Geiger, bibliophile works, a chapter dedicated to numismatics, and many more items.

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LOT 25:

Collection of Postcards with a Zionist Connection – Europe and Palestine, 1910s to the 1940s – Postcards ...

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Collection of Postcards with a Zionist Connection – Europe and Palestine, 1910s to the 1940s – Postcards Handwritten by Heinrich Loewe, Postcards from Young Immigrants living on Moshavot in Palestine, Postcard from the 22nd Zionist Congress, and More
Ten postcards with a Zionist connection, three of them handwritten by Heinrich Loewe and the remainder handwritten by olim and Zionist personalities from Palestine and Europe. Jaffa, Rehovot, Kinneret, Berlin, Katerynoslav and other places, first half of the 20th century. Hebrew and some German.
1-3. Three postcards from Heinrich Loewe to his children (Hebrew; addresses in square script, partly with diacritics). One postcard with greetings from two "halutzim" from the Moshava Rehovot (published by "Y. Ben-Dov of Bezalel, " with a picture of the moshava), and another postcard with an added letter in German, addressed to his wife (and with a portrait picture of Loewe). Mailed from Berlin, Memel, and Port Said, second and third decades of the 20th century.
4. Russian undivided postcard: letter sent by the "halutz" David Yizre'eli (Rubin) from Katerynoslav to the Moshava Menahemia in 1905 with a promise to immigrate to Palestine (Yizre’eli did indeed arrive in Menahemia that same year, and began working in the orchards alongside co-worker David Grün, who later changed his name to David Ben-Gurion).
5-10. Six postcards sent by immigrants and Zionist activists (some with pictures from Palestine and some with pictures of the senders); Jaffa, the Moshava Kinneret, Kovno (Kaunas), Basel, and other places; including one official postcard from the 22nd Zionist Congress (Basel, 1946).
Approx. 9X14 cm. Condition varies. Stains, some abrasions, and minor blemishes.
Provenance: The Rimon Family Collection.