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Letter of Recommendation Written and Signed by the Maharam Mintz of Alt-Ofen (Obuda) - 1824 - Extremely Rare

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Letter of recommendation written and signed by Rabbi Moshe Mintz of Obuda. Obuda, 1824.
The letter was sent to Rabbi Shlomo Rosenthal (one of the greatest disciples of the Mahram Barabi in Prague) asking for his help for "the rabbinical, exceptional in Torah and Yir'ah … Mordechai… who prints the ancient books of our early rabbis..."
At the beginning of the letter, Rabbi Mintz elaborately praises Rabbi Shlomo Rosenthal.
Rabbi Moshe Mintz (1750-1831) was one of the most prominent rabbis of Hungary. He married the daughter of Rabbi Yosef Ha'Levi of Brody and there he corresponded with the "Noda Bi'Yehuda", who greatly praised him (Noda Bi'Yehuda Even Ha'Ezer Siman 23). For more than forty years, since 1740 until his death, he served as the rabbi of Alt-Ofen (Obuda; nowadays part of Budapest, Hungary). He became Chief Rabbi of the Pest region leaving a strong imprint upon the Jewish community. He established a yeshiva gedola and had many disciples, including Rabbi Bendit Goitein, author of Kesef Nivchar, Rabbi of Hogyesz. Many of his disciples also attended the yeshiva of the Chatam Sofer. Author of the Maharam Mintz responsa, "Divrei Ha'Bayit" and more. His sons: Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak (Yochanan) Av Beit Din of Papa and Rabbi Ya'akov (who was killed in a pogrom).His son-in-law: Rabbi Yehuda Zvi Ginz, the nephew of Rabbi Akiva Eiger.
The letter is one page written on a folded leaf, 19x12 cm. on the reverse side, a handwritten inscription: "belongs to … Rabbi Shlomo Rosen Thal".
Condition: Very Good.

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