Auction 34 April 2024 in Jacov jewelry, jewelry, archeology, medals, coins, bullion, gold and silver 999, bills, stamps, collectibles, art and more.
By Jacov Jewelry
Apr 8, 2024
HOLON, Israel

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****An item that does not receive an offer cannot be purchased at the end of the sale****

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LOT 6:

999 pure silver medal Kabbalah wisdom Israel Judaism amazing design a must in every collection (LIMITED EDITION)

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Start price:
$ 40
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VAT: 17% On the full lot's price and commission
Auction took place on Apr 8, 2024 at Jacov Jewelry

999 pure silver medal Kabbalah wisdom Israel Judaism amazing design a must in every collection (LIMITED EDITION)
Jewish art collectible silver medal: (pure silver medal 999
over 13 years)
Year of issue: 2009
Country: Switzerland
Metal: Silver
Purity level: 999
Diameter: 13.9 mm
Weight: 1.6 grams
Currency details:
The face of the medal: the Tree of Life Kabbalah
Final/maximum issue quantity: 5,000 units.
Design: Aharon Shebo, Ruben
The wisdom of Kabbalah
Official medal of the State of Israel
The Jewish secret theory (mysticism), or "inner wisdom", is called "Kabbalah" - being based on personal transmission, written or oral, from father to son, from student to student, from generation to generation, that is: from the mouth of the moralist to the ears of the "receiver". The roots of the Kabbalah are deeply rooted in ancient Hebrew mysticism (since Abraham our father) and in the history of Jewish thought, but the main part of its formulation and publication was published in the late 12th and early 13th centuries in northern Spain and Provence, following the revelation of the book "The Zohar" attributed to Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (Harshabi). Also the circulation of the basic books of Kabbalah in print, such as - "Sefer HaBahir" "Sefer Yitzira", "Perki Hachilot" and more contributed to the emergence of the Secret Doctrine from a limited circle of learned virtuous individuals into the public domain.
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