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Aug 4, 2022
HOLON, Israel

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**** Jewelry, Banknotes, Coins, Medals, Ingots, Collectibles

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LOT 2:

New half shekel coin 5758 1989 Double thickness error in coin (collectible item)

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New half shekel coin 5758 1989 Double thickness error in coin (collectible item)
5750 or 5750 (5750) and in short 5777 or 5777 - is a Hebrew year which began on Sunday in Tishrei, light on September 30, 1989, and ended on the 29th of Elul, September 19, 1990 .
Tishrei's Christmas falls on Shabbat, 15 hours and 462 parts. Therefore, this is a year of the zag type, is not fertilized, and lasts 355 days.
This is the third year of the shemita, and the 12th year in the 303rd menstrual cycle. The Nissan period of this year is the beginning of the 10th year of the 206th solar cycle.
This year is the year 1,921 for the destruction of the house, and the year 2,301 for the bills.
The State of Israel celebrated 42 years of independence on Independence Day 1957.

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