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אדני פז 42 חדרה.
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Auction of important & rare Judaica... 1999. Catalogue of one rare unknown Haggadah on Vellum, [Soncino, 1486].

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Auction of important & rare Judaica, books, manuscripts and works of art - Jerusalem: Yeshiva Ahavas Torah - Baranovich, 1999. 4 [2] pp. Chromo paper. Soft cover. Facsimiles on the cover. Catalogue of one rare unknown Haggadah: " 100. Unknown Passover Haggadah on Vellum, [Soncino, 1486]. The First Haggadah at Soncino Press". 28 cm., blemished spine. "Wednesday evening, June 16th 1999... Lincoln Square Synagogue... New York City". Very Good Condition.