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LOT 246:

Orahat Shaha, Thessaloniki 1818, first edition - glosses

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Orahat Shaha, by Rabbi Shlomo Ben Yehuda HaCohen - In the Wisdom of Kabbalah, Thessaloniki 1818, first edition. On the title page is handwritten: Holy to G-d, will not be sold and do not go outside from the Beit Midrash, Ezekiel Reuven Menashe." Throughout the book many long glosses signed "Moshe Sa't." From the glosses it is evident that the writer is a huge wise student who is familiar with the kabala wisdom. According to the content of the glosses the writer is an great sage who lived at the time of the author or a little later, wherever his identity was not revealed. 

The author is of the greatest scholars of Jerusalem in kabala, in the year of 1818 when he was in the city of Larso-Greece he was involved in Psak din brings in  "hikrey lev". He has authored several important books: "Shat HaCosher", "Shaot Derabanan",and more.

[1] 78 leaves. The last page is cut at the outer edges with a text damage at the edge of the lines. Strengthening of paper pasting on title page, and several pages. Good condition.