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LOT 275:

Passover Haggadah, four yesodot. Amsterdam, 1783. First edition

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Passover haggadah including Yesod HaYirah and Yesod Ha'Ahavah, and a commentary compiled from Abarbanel, Alshich, Mahara"l, Olelot Ephraim, the Shl"ah, and the geonim of our times", with supplements by Rabbi Elchanan Shnatich. Amsterdam 1783. First edition of the Yiddish translation.

First Yiddish edition of an important Haggadah which was later printed in several editions. With important Approbations from the geniuses of Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam. The title page contains four pillars, including the four elements of the book.

Ozar Hahaggadot 305.

[2], 54 leaves. 22 cm. Pages [2] 1-15, 52-54 strength by paper at their edges. New cover. Stains. Good condition.