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LOT 318:

A letter from Rabbi Yosef shalom Elyashiv regarding the study order

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An important letter in the handwriting of the Rabbi Yosef shalom Elyashiv  regarding the desired study order.

In his letter, Rabbi Elyashiv refers to a proposal that was offered to study the daily page Mishnayot, so that for seven and a half years they will complete the study of the entire Mishna, in addition to studying the daily page from the Shas. The Gaon decides that this should be based on the discretion of the lesson-tellers, and that it is better to add a few teachings every day at the Shulchan Aruch Orach hayim 'לדעת את הדרך אשר ילכו ואת המעשה אשר יעשון'.

[1] Official stationery page. 16x17 cm. Very good condition.