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''אל תתן ה' מאוויי רשע... These are Barbaria and Germania, whom edom fear of" - Manuscript of Rabenu the 'Caf Hachyim'

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The very handwriting of the Gaon, the Kabbalist Author of the 'Caf Hachyim' - the Ga'on Rabbi Ya'akov Chaim Sofer. Chiddushim on Parashat Vayishlah, from his book 'Yismach Yisrael' on the Torah. Two pages.

The Ga'on explains the matter of what Jacob sought 'עשה לו זמם לעשיו הרשע'  that Esau's interest in disobeying Yaakov was to inherit the entire world, and G-d did not provide this to him because of the prayer of Jacob: "Do not give evil desires".Eisav couldn't have been against Jacob's camp because they was Jacob's servants, and Jacob was the servant of G-d, And that if they were not afraid of Yaakov, they would all be eliminated, and other deep matters between Jacob and Esau.

The Ga'on Rabbi Ya'akov Chaim Sofer [1867-1939] - Born in Baghdad and studied Torah with the greatest of the city, he was ordained as a teacher by the Ba'al ben Ish Chai and received from him Torah studies and Kabbalah. He immigrated to Israel in 1904. In 1909 he established, together with Rabbi Yechezkel Ezra HaLevi, his Chavruta, the Shoshanim L'David Synagogue, where he Sermon on Shabbat and Yom Tov. He studied and wrote his books in the attic of the synagogue (now it is Ezrat Nashim). Later, he joined the Kabbalah students at the Rehovot Ha-Nahar Yeshiva, where he was a student of Rabbi Chaim Shaul Hacohen Dweik. For nearly forty years, from the age of thirty until his death, he was writing his great work "Caf Hachyim" on the Shulchan Aruch.

[2] p. Clear handwriting. Very fine condition.