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Nine harsh photographs from the death camps taken by the Allies at the end of World War II

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Nine harsh photographs from the death camps taken by the Allies at the end of World War II

9 hard-to view photographs of the Nazi death camps, and surfaces abandoned by the Nazis during their escape from the United States Army. Photographed by the Allies at the end of the war. The photographs are all signed on their backs with ink stamps of the agencies that took them.

Photographs: a woman with a severely malnourished body in a hospital set up near the camp (the Americans immediately took over the Luftwaffe [German Air Force] hospital and forced the crew to treat the unfortunate skeletons until they recovered); An 18-year-old Russian prisoner who escaped death after hiding for three days under the charred bodies of his comrades, treated by the Red Army in Gardelgen [April 13, 1945, when the Germans withdrew from Allied advance, the German SS and Air Force massacred 1,016 prisoners by forcing them into a barn and setting them on fire Them, in what is known as the "Gardelgan massacre"]; Bodies of inmates lying on the ground in the ohrdruf death camp (a sub-camp that is affiliated with Buchenwald in Germany) - to the astonished eyes of the Russians; American soldiers assisting survivors of the Penig concentration camp (Germany); Bodies of children lying on the ground in the Nordhausen Nazi labor camp (known as 'Dora-Mittelbau'); An American soldier stands stunned in front of the gas chamber in Dachau; An inmate tied with his hands behind his back by the Germans when they realized that Allied forces were approaching Neunburg (Germany) before their escape; Corpses in the Dachau camp.

The liberation photographs taken by the U.S. Army Photography Unit largely shaped the visual collective memory of the Holocaust. The order to send the photography department into the camps and bring the images of the horror served two main purposes which were the intention of the Allies - one, to present to the public the crimes of the Nazi regime to justify the total conscription and the many victims of the war. And the second, no less important, is to gather as much evidence as possible for the purpose of indicting Nazi war criminals in trials held at the end of the war. The visual documentation did indeed serve the prosecution at trial and stood as a significant factor in their final conviction. After the Allied trials, these photographs were circulated among the German population, which most of all reflected the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazi regime, for the re-education of occupied Germany in the spirit of the values ​​of democracy.

Same size: 23x18 cm. Very good condition.