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Nuremberg - Early and Rare Photo Album from the Nuremberg Trials - The copy of Dr. Jacob Robinson - United States ...

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Nuremberg - Early and Rare Photo Album from the Nuremberg Trials - The copy of Dr. Jacob Robinson - United States Attorney at the Nuremberg Trials

NURNBERG by CHARLES W. ALEXANDER - Published by Karl Ulrich & co. Nuremberg 1946. Rare album edition with 53 large photographs, each photograph over an entire page. The photographs depict the Nuremberg Trials and the Nuremberg city recovering from the war. Photographs appear from the courtroom, from the holding cell of the Nazi criminals, and from the buildings that surrounded the Nuremberg courthouse, all from the First Nuremberg Trials in November 1945. In which 22 Nazi war criminals were tried, including Herman Goering, head of the  Luftwaffe (the German Air Force) and one of Hitler's chief advisers, Martin Bormann, the secretary of the Nazi party, and Joachim Ribbentrop, the German foreign minister during the Nazi regime. Only, rare, and early edition - from the first publications that brought images from the trial to the wider world. The copy before us belonged to Dr. Jacob Robinson, who served as an advisor to the United States prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials and as an advisor to the prosecutor of the State of Israel in the Eichmann trial, with his owner's signature on the page after the cover.

In the first part of the album, photographs from the Nuremberg Trials that took place in November 1945, the photographs are described: Adolf Hitler's Palace, the courtroom (an interesting photograph with Allied flags hoisted at the entrance to the building), the streets near the courtroom, The entrance to the courtroom, the Nazi war criminals, the courtroom - aerial view, the witnesses, the defendants under strict guard in the courtroom, a rare photograph showing Allied soldiers standing next to the prison cells - each soldier watches one war criminal outside the prison cell (for all The trial days there was close supervision of the defendants also in the detention cells in order to prevent suicide attempt by any of them), serving food to the war criminals, lighting the cell. Among other, an interesting photograph of the entrance to the Jewish cemetery in Nuremberg appears: "The Jewish cemetery is two blocks from the courtroom", and other photographs related to the court. In the second part of the album, photographs were brought from the city of Nuremberg, which is coming back to life after the war.

At the beginning of the album, a kind of interesting statement states that the city of Nuremberg became the home of United States soldiers from the day the first American forces entered Hitler's Palace on April 25, 1945, and with their help the trials held in the city were made possible.

Dr. Jacob Robinson (1889-1977) a jurist, one of the greatest lawyers in Lithuania, a Lithuanian politician, diplomat, Zionist activist, educator and lecturer. During the Nuremberg trials (1945–1946), served as an adviser on Jewish affairs to the Judge Robert H. Jackson, who headed the category team on behalf of the United States, and whose name has been linked to a key role in persuading him to accept as appropriate the new idea of ​​"crime against humanity" as the Nazi indictment for crimes against Jews (the term first appeared in Nuremberg indictments). After the trial of the main war criminals, he continued to follow closely the investigation of their sentences and the procedures for punishing war criminals in a series of trials known as the "Additional Nuremberg Trials". He advised, for example, the Chief Prosecutor in the trial of Friedrich Flick, Brigadier General Telford Taylor. With the capture of Adolf Eichmann he was invited to join the prosecution team headed by Gideon Hausner. His experience in the Nuremberg trials, his knowledge of Germany and the Germans, and his knowledge of Israeli criminal law made him a key figure in the prosecution team. Following the trial, he published the book "Ha'Akov LeMishor: European Jews before the Holocaust in the Light of Historical Truth and the Eichmann Law in Jerusalem According to International Practice", in response (review) to Hannah Arendt's book "Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil".

At the beginning of the book an early leaf pasted with a request for assistance to the hundreds of thousands of survivors from different countries, in their difficult physical condition with a picture of one of the victims from the Dachau camp (see scan).

[3], 53 p. 33 cm. Very good condition.