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Queen Victoria - British flag. 1897 - Museum item

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Queen Victoria - British flag. 1897 - Museum item

Flag of Britain - Queen Victoria - Fabric Embroidery 1897. In the center is a portrait of Queen Victoria, surrounded by her family, the princes of Wales and York. At the top left is a portrait of Queen Victoria in her youth at the age of 18 in 1837 - the year she began her tenure. 

Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom [1819-1901] Granddaughter of King George III, and last British control of the House of Hanover. Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom from 20 June 1837 until her death, for 63 years and seven months, more than any British king who preceded her. She was also the first Empress of India, beginning on May 1, 1876. Her reign is named after her, "the Victorian period". It was the heyday of the Industrial Revolution, in which the United Kingdom underwent many developments in the fields of society, economy and technology. During her reign the British Empire grew greatly, and was considered the most powerful empire in the world. Victoria is considered one of the most powerful women in human history in general.

A similar flag is known in which Queen Victoria is seen in the center against the background of the British flag without the princes. The version before us is rarer.

Size: 70x72 cm. Stains. Good condition.