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Guide to the exhibition "The Eternal Jew" - Berlin, 1938

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Guide to the exhibition "The Eternal Jew" - Berlin, 1938

"Der Ewige Jude" [Eternal Jew]. Published by Kultur- u. Wirtschaftswerbg Daenell, Berlin [1938]. German. A guide to the "Eternal Jew" antisemitic exhibition, accompanied by many photographs from the exhibition rooms, and sharp antisemitic "scientific" explanations of the danger reflected from the Jewish people. The catalog is one of the sharpest antisemitic documents published in any country in the 20th century, and was in fact a 'training for extermination' in the minds of the masses.

The booklet opens with a quote from the words of Adolf Hitler that negotiations with the Jews should not be discussed in any way. In the introduction, racist analysis of the inferiority of the Jewish race, as well as Hate speech against the Jewish religion that built on "interest, deceit, cunning, and cowardly misery". The purpose of the exhibition, and the catalog that accompanied it, was to warn of the danger posed by the Jews as they are the greatest threat to the stability of the world, due to their being scattered all over the world, And in particular on the thousand-year-old German Reich. It is designed to increase public aversion to the Jews, as another step on the way to preparing the ground for their extermination, while conveying the message that the Jews are the main cause of wars between peoples, and have always threatened to bring down the world order, and are the cause of all the ills of the world. The catalog is accompanied by many photos from the exhibition rooms that highlighted the presence of the Jew in all areas of European life in general, and the Germans in particular: in law, theater, commerce, academia, politics, and in the criminal world, etc., mentioning the names of famous Jews in all areas and emphasizing their distorted form. Various maps - Diagrams appear showing the spread of the Jews in all parts of the world, as well as the increase in their growth in the territories that were under German control, and the attempt to take over Germany from within. The exhibition presented large models of Jewish body parts in a repulsive way: "Jewish eyes ..., the Jewish nose, the Jewish mouth, the lips, huge photographs of faces and physical element "typical of the race", or for example grotesque political figures such as that of Leo Trotsky, the Rothschild family and more. In the booklet, the Jews are also accused of supporting Germany's enemies, and attempting to strengthen them and ignite war. Similarly, a special chapter appears describing the Jewish takeover of Vienna, while conveying the message that the arrival of the Furer in Vienna will put an end to 'garbage of the Jewish race'.

The "Eternal Jew" antisemitic exhibition, on behalf of the Nazi Party's propaganda office, was shown in Munich from November 1937 to January 1938, at the German Museum Library, and is still considered the sharpest antisemitic exhibit the entire world has known in the 20th century, and in general. The exhibition was later shown in Vienna and Berlin (November 1938 - January 1939). It was the largest exhibition of antisemitic exhibits in the years before World War II, and was visited by a total of about 400,000 visitors, over 5,000 daily. Arriving in Vienna, the exhibition was displayed in the main hall of the northwestern train station. The opening ceremony on August 2 was held under the auspices of Gauleiter Odilo Globocnik and Reich Governor Arthur Sis-Inquart. In the issue of the newspaper "Wiener Noiste Nachrichten" of that day it was written:"The choice of the main hall of the north-west Vienna train station for the exhibition site was mainly influenced by the fact that Eastern European Jews emigrated to the same railway line and dug in Leopoldstadt and Brigitnau. There is, therefore, more than a symbolic meaning in the fact that the display of the "eternal Jew" at the entrance to that station is experienced above those two quarters. "

30, [1] pages, 21 cm. Very good condition.