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Three issues of the antisemitic newspaper 'Der Stürmer'

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Three issues of the antisemitic newspaper 'Der Stürmer'

3 issues of the antisemitic weekly 'Der Stürmer' founded by Julius Streicher - The wildest and most brutal antisemitic incitement newspaper of all time. Full of cruel antisemitic articles and photographs.

* Issue No. 30 dated: July 23, 1942. Title: judische racheulane - 'Revenge the Jews'. On the title page are a pair of combined hands wrapped in their arms in United States and British flags, handcuffed.

* Issue No. 34 dated: August 19, 1943. Title: 'The Jews Encourage It!'. The issue is accompanied by photographs of Jewish beggars from the Polish ghettos and many antisemitic captions. On one of the pages is a photograph of vermin accompanied by the antisemitic caption that compares the Jews to the vermin, and warns that the Jews who contract the disease thereby become a contagious danger to humanity.

* Issue No. 38 dated: September 16, 1943. In the body of the issue are numerous photographs of Jews wearing clothes in the Polish ghettos accompanying by antisemitic captions. One of the pages shows a group of Jewish children running everywhere and the accompanying antisemitic caption: "The hunt for the money, a few pennies were thrown next to the group of Jewish, and the madness began to strike them."

The paper encouraged its readers to send it antisemitic material published in the editorial section of the 'Letters to the system'. These photographs of Jews taken on private initiative or by Nazi soldiers sent east through the Polish ghettos were usually published on the back of the newspaper and accompanied by hate speech added by the senders themselves, or the editor. As it appears on the back of the sheets in before us - photographs of Jews with strange facial expressions, and accompanying antisemitic descriptions. 

Der Stürmer ("The Assailant") was an extremist antisemitic weekly that spearheaded Nazi propaganda in the war against the Jews. The paper was founded in the spring of 1923 by Julius Streicher, and appeared until the end of World War II in 1945. Streicher was known as a particularly extreme and cruel anti-Semite, and this is evident in the contents of his newspaper. The newspaper engaged in wild antisemitic incitement throughout its years of existence, and it is considered to this day the most radical newspaper that came out against the Jews during Nazi rule, and in general. The type of the newspaper was rude, aggressive and easy to understand. The articles consisted of simple, clear and blatant propaganda sentences, repeated anti-Semitic cartoons, antisemitic stories (which were also intended for young people - An antisemitic story appeared in each issue in sequels about the 'Jewish merchant'), and photographs of Jews in ghettos accompanied by antisemitic hate speech. As part of the newspaper's aggressive antisemitic line, he adopted as his motto the saying invented by Heinrich Treichka - "Jews are our disaster!" (In German: "Die Juden sind unser Unglück"). This slogan was engraved on the bottom of the title page of every issue since 1927, and was also used by the Nazis at official conferences. The peak circulation of the newspaper reached about eight hundred thousand copies.

Some of the sheet pages are yellowing. general condition good.