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Four photographs from the liberation day of Mauthausen death camp. May 1945

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Four photographs from the liberation day of Mauthausen death camp. May 1945

Four photographs from the liberation day of Mauthausen concentration camp (Austria): Tanks of the 11th American Armored Division enter the camp and hundreds of newly released prisoners salute them with their hands, On the wall over can be seen prisoners waving their hands a sign reads in Spanish: " Anti-fascist Spaniards welcome the liberation forces"; Former inmates overthrow the swastika statue that stands above the camp entrance gate using a long rope (We know about other photograph in which inmates are seen breaking the swastika after being knocked to the ground. See also Holocaust Museum in Washington Record No. 74558), Soviet prisoners and amputated Polish, marchers Towards freedom next to an American tank of the 11th Division, Allied soldiers bomb the camp.The photographs are depicted on the back in handwriting: "Mauthausen, May 1945".

The Mauthausen-Gusen camps were the last liberated during World War II. On May 5, 1945, American soldiers from the 41st Information Collection Unit of the 11th American Armored Division arrived at the camp. The forces of Albert G. Koziak disarm the police and left the camp. At the time of the liberation itself, most of Mauthausen's SS men managed to escape. Prisoners from the camp killed about 30 remaining SS men; A lynching of a similar number of SS men was done in Guzen II. Within 24 hours, all remaining foreign camps of the Mauthausen-Gusen camp complex were released by American forces.

The Mauthausen concentration camp in Upper Austria was used mainly for forced labor, it was established in 1938 near the town of Mauthausen and was initially imprisoned mainly by opponents of Nazism. Beginning in 1941, the trend changed and the Nazis began imprisoning many Jews, mainly from the Czech and Dutch communities. 38,000 Jews were murdered in the camp, most of them dead from forced labor.

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