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Two antisemitic medals. Dresden, 1923

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Two antisemitic medals. Dresden, 1923

Two antisemitic medals made in Dresden, Germany in 1923 by engraver Fritz Hornlein. The medals present the Jew as the economic rodent during the difficult period of inflation in Germany (in the early 1920s, many anti-Semitic banknotes and coins were issued in Germany). Aluminum and bronze.

Obverse: A Jew with open arms sitting on a pile of grain, and the antisemitic caption: 'If a Jew or a Christian, who benefits?' The year 1923 and the designer's acronyms: F.H. [Fritz Hoernlein].

Reverse: The antisemitic caption: "In bad times, no doubt, man, often for the other - the devil".

Same diameter: 38 mm. Good condition.