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Antisemitic paper label - "Long live DRUMONT". France, late 19th century

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Antisemitic paper label - "Long live DRUMONT". France, late 19th century

Rare antisemitic paper label VIVE DRUMONT A BAS LES JUIF - "Long live DRUMONT, Jews out". France, late 19th century.

At the center of the label is a portrait of the antisemitic agitator Edouard Drumont, and a call for the expulsion of the Jews from French society.

Edouard Adolphe Drumont [1844-1917]. Journalist, ideologue and propagandist of anti-Semitism in the days of the Third Republic. founded the Anti-Semitic League of France, published the anti-Semitic newspaper 'La libre Parole' wrote pamphlets and published many books against the Jews. At the time of the publication of the Dreyfus Affair, he was one of the greatest proponents of hatred who took a sharp and hostile stand against Dreyfus and the Jews in general, and called for the departure of Jewish officers from the French army.

5X3.5 cm. Slight stains. Good condition.