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Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen - illustrations from the camps, Paris 1945. First edition

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Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen - illustrations from the camps, Paris 1945. First edition

DORA AUSCHWITZ, BUCHENWALD BERGEN -BELSEN - illustrations from the camps. An Early publication with 40 paintings of scenes from the death camps by the inmate of the death camps LEON DELARBRE, published by MICHAEL DE ROMILLY, Paris 1945. First edition.

The paintings are all depicted and dated by Delarbre [Which even noted next to each one his original size] and they depict difficult scenes he saw himself and painted during the occurrence itself while risking his life countless times, for the future generations.
In the paintings: a group of inmates in a parade before leaving for a forced labor tunnel [January 1945], a portrait of inmates in the Auschwitz camp [May 1944], stripping of inmates' clothes on arrival on the way to 'disinfection' [Buchenwald 1944], Inmates being transported in a wooden cart, a friend who collapsed during a parade [ Dora, December 1944], transporting human skeletons to the crematorium [Dora 1945], the face of a prisoner who has gone mad [Buchenwald 1944], corpses of prisoners discovered in the morning [Dora, March 1945], sentenced to death by hanging, disposed of corpses, and many other scenes that are difficult to describe. At the beginning of the book is a self portrait of the author that he painted when he was released from the camp on April 29, 1945.

The illustrator Leon Delarbre (1889-1974) - a French painter. Began his career as an artist at the School of Art in Paris. He later curated the art department at the French Museum in Balfour. Joined the French resistance in 1941. After being captured he was held in several concentration camps. While in the camps he made sketches of scenes from camp life using pencils and paper he purchased at a high price. His inscriptions that were secretly made on random pieces of paper during his work in the camp as a weapons manufacturer are among the important works made during World War II. Despite his difficult physical condition he managed to smuggle his paintings and transfer them with him to the Bergen-Belsen camp where he was liberated by the Allies. On his return to Paris after the war his paintings were purchased by the Museum of Modern Art. Two of his paintings appear in the permanent exhibition at Buchenwald.  After the war, he returned to work at the French Museum of the École des Beaux-Arts.

XII, 40 p. Very good condition.