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Early poster - Rare photographs from prison during the retrial of Dreyfus in September 1899

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Early poster - Rare photographs from prison during the retrial of Dreyfus in September 1899

L'AFFAIRE DREYFUS A RENNES Photographies M. Leon Bouet - The Dreyfus affair in Rennes. Photographs by M. Leon Bouet. An early poster on which were printed four rare photographs from the time of Alfred Dreyfus' military [return] trial held in Rennes on September 9, 1899. Photographed in the courtyard of Rennes military prison, showing: Dreyfus, his wife after visiting her husband, Labori - Dreyfus' lawyer in the retrial.

The photographs are described: Le capitaine dreyfus se rendant au preau; Mes demange et labori vont le prisonnier; Me labori sortant du conseil de guerre; Mne dreyfus se retirant apres sa visite quotidienne a son mari. 

Dreyfus himself was not aware at all of the storm which had aroused his affair in France, and of the mighty struggle which was being waged for his release, since the letters sent to him and which he sent, were censored. It was only on June 5 that he learned that he was about to undergo a retrial. On June 9, he left the Island of Demons. He arrived in France on June 30 in complete secrecy, and was immediately imprisoned in the Rennes military prison. The uniform that was returned to him symbolized more than anything his growing credit on the horizon. The trial itself is extensively reviewed, and even a transcript of the defense and lawsuit was published in those days. On September 9, Dreyfus' verdict was decided in the retrial - In this trial, the tribunal decided to recognize "extenuating circumstances" and, in contrast to the previous time, sentenced Dreyfus to the revocation of his ranks for the second time and ten years in prison in France itself, which marked his impending absolute acquittal..

Size: 33x24 cm. Glued to a hard cardboard substrate from the period. Good condition.