Asta 19 Summer sale - Israeli and international painting. First time in Israel, the UnderBidder earns money. 3% of the lot's hammer price.
10 Shlomzion Hamalka St., Jerusalem, Israele

The sale includes 2 important estates from Jerusalem, in addition with a few collections, which are being auctioned starting with very low opening bids.    

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0502588951 - Eli

L'asta è terminata

LOTTO 147:

Hans Chaim Pinn

Venduto per: $10
Prezzo iniziale:
$ 10
Prezzo stimato:
$100 - $150
Commissione per la casa d'aste: 20% Maggiori dettagli
IVA: 17% Solo su commissione


An old photograph taken by Israeli photojournalist, Hans Chaim Pinn.


49X60 cm.