Asta 127 "A matter of identity" -Ethnic jewelry and garb 1820-1920. Most of them are from the Ruthi Ofer collection (Yuli Ofer widow)
Ibn Gabirol St 71, Tel Aviv-Yafo, floor -2, row 15 (in the paring) Israel, Israele

The catalog in front of us includes very important ethnic items, Islamic and Jewish. A very important collection of Palestinian adornments, as well as many Ottoman and Turkmen items.

The items have been carefully selected and come from dozens of collections from all over Israel. Among them is a collection of Ruthi Ofer that was left to her about 20 years ago by her late husband, Yuli Ofer. The collection was displayed at her home until recently. Her collection consists of Islamic and Jewish jewelry with a clear emphasis on Yemenite goldsmithing and Bukhara crafts.

There are many incredibly rare items that do not often come up for auction. The items in the catalog can be used as jewelry and ornaments for women or men. Some are better suited for display as part of private or commercial design, and others will go to public or private museums around the world. Many of the items are in museum quality, with similar items on display in leading museums around the world, such as the Metropolitan Museum in the United States, the Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, the Islamic Museum in Jerusalem, the Israel Museum, and the Beit Hatfutsot Museum.

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LOTTO 320:

A wall fabric decorated with high-quality dense embroidery - India - early 20th century

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$ 300
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$800 - $1 200
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A wall fabric decorated with high-quality dense embroidery - India - early 20th century

A red fabric embroidered with gilt thread in four friezes with repeating scenes in three-dimensional embroidery highlighted with silk threads in blue turquoise and green. the top frieze is embroidered with a repeating pattern of a flower and a bud. under it a frieze with a geometric design with rosettes. the lowest frieze is decorated with flowers and vases overflowing with vegetation.

The main frieze is decorated with a symmetric scene repeating 5 times through the frieze of a peacock spreading his tail. a green tread embroidered in the background gives the top gilt layer a greenish hew. on its sides two facing peacocks with gathered tails followed by a lotus flower from a top view and after it a lotus flower from a side view. the entire scene is decorated with leaves in various designs and embroidery techniques.

The fabric has a dark blue lining woven with gold thread and a repeating geometric pattern in red and gold. the lining also creates a frame for the front, and on top has loops used for hanging the fabric on a wall.

width: 330 cm

height: 20.5 cm