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WWII Holocaust Poland Litzmannstadt Lodz Ghetto 10 Pfennig 1942 Type1 Mg coin EF

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Poland: Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto) 10 Pfennig 1942 Type-1 coin in magnesium; size: 22mm; weight: 0.95g. Obv.: in G-VG - displays heavy wear w/ oxidation in places, but no corrosion visible; rim almost fully visible. Rev.: in EF-AU quality: layer of oxidation but no corrosion visible, excellent detail where not obstructed oxidation; lines of Star of David are visible; wheat sheath details visible. Much of the surface marks are due to the circumstance of the coin's professional storage to prevent decay of the metal: in very cold temperature & with special substance to protect the surface. ex Guy Franquinet, with his authentication enclosed. Reference: KM #TN1, Camp-4751a, Feller PO-571, Terlecki-249, SB-1022. As made of gray metal with a semi-reflective surface, the coin does not photograph well in most shades of light.

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