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Judea: 2 Legionary countermarks on ancient Nero Roman coin, Caesaria/Samaria 68CE

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Judea > Legionary countermarks on Roman coin of Nero from Caesaria/Samaria, 68CE: AE (base metal), 21-22mm, 8.5g. Obverse: Laureate Head Of Nero to right and legend "??RW? ???SAR S???S?WS" + punched by rectangular countermark KAI (7 x 6mm, Howgego 543). Reverse: Tyche Standing to left, holding human bust and standard, legend "???S?R??? PROS SEBASTW LIMENI LID" + punched by circular countermark of head (5mm, Howgego 115); reference Rosenberger 2 & Hending 1607/1614. Rare in this condition as usually found in low grades.

Product Tags: Holylandish, Judean Coins, Ancient Coins and Coins & Numismatics from Holyland, Judea (Roman Province) and from Roman Empire, Great Revolt / First Jewish-Roman War, Julio-Claudian Dynasty