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Herodian Judea Agrippa I ancient Pruta coin dated year 6, 41-42CE; Hen-1244 variety

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Judea > Herodian dynasty > Agrippa I (37-44 AD): AE Pruta year 6, 41-42 CE (Jerusalem mint) variant; 16.5mm, 2.25g. Obverse: fringed canopy & Greek legend BACIΛEWC AΓPIΠA ("of King Agrippa") - the legend "BA..." begins at canopy base and not above, this unlisted in Hendin. Reverse: Lς ("Year 6") flanking 3 ears of barley and leaves. Reference Hen-1244, Mesh-88, Reif-59.

Product Tags: Holylandish, Judean Coins, Ancient Coins and Coins & Numismatics from Holyland, Judea (Roman Province) and from Roman Empire, Herodian Dynasty