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Herodian Judea Herod Archelaus ancient half-Pruta coin; Hen-1197, Mesh-58, BMC-27

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Judea > Herodian dynasty > Herod Archelaus (4 BCE - 6 CE): AE half-Pruta (Jerusalem mint); 12.5 - 14mm, 1.35g. Obverse: prow of galley facing left & three Greek letters for "of Herod". Reverse: three Greek letters for "of Herod" within wreath. Reference Hen-1197, Mesh-58, BMC-27, Reif-56.

Product Tags: Holylandish, Judean-Samarian-Idumean Coins, Ancient Coins and Coins & Numismatics from Holyland, Judea-Samaria-Idumea and from Roman Empire, Herodian Dynasty