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LOT 60:

The G-dly Kabbalist Rabbi Yehudah Pattiyah's Scroll of Esther, Written for his Personal Use.

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$10,000 - $15,000
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The G-dly Kabbalist Rabbi Yehudah Pattiyah's Scroll of Esther, Written for his Personal Use.

'Meggilat Esther' written on Bagdadi gevil, written in the beautiful characteristic hand of the G-dly Kabbalist Rabbi Yehudah Pattiyah, which he used over the course of many years. The megillah was passed from generation to generation in the Pattiyah family. Rare and unique ritual object.

Rabbi Yehudah Pattiyah [1859-1942] was a leading Kabbalist, a disciple of he Ben Ish Chai, know by some Kabbalists as "The Lion of Bavel." He attempted to conceal his Kabbalistic knowledge, but due to a custom that spread among the women of Baghdad, whose origin was from the gentiles, and after all the Baghdadi rabbis were unable to stop and prohibit this custom, he publicized that for anyone who has someone ill in her home, and accepts upon herself to stop engaging in this custom, he will come to the ill person and pray for his recovery. Many did as he said, and when they saw that the ill immediately recovered, he became famous as a salvation-worker. He ascended to the Land of Israel in 1934. He was dealt very much with Kabbalistic dream-interpretation, rectification and amulets, later also exorcising demons and evil spirits, as told in the book Ruchot Mesaprot. During WWII, he composed Kabbalistic prayers and rectifications, and arranged prayer ceremonies for leading Kabbalists to save the residents of the Land of Israel from the hateful enemy. He authored Beit Lechem Yehudah, Matok L'Nefesh, Afikei Mayim, Yayin HaRokach, and additional books.

We note that despite approximately 100 years since the megillah's writing, it has been preserved in excellent condition, and is kosher for reading on Purim!

Family's authorization included. The handwriting has been positively identified as that of Rabbi Yehudah Pattiyah by his grandson, Rabbi Yehudah Pattiyah, shlit"a.

Ink on gevil. Dimensions: 6 sheets. 21 columns. 18 lines. Parchment height 14 cm. Script height 11 cm. Rolled on an etz chaim.

Very fine condition.

Pay Attention: VAT should be added to the commission for foreign residents as well.

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