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LOT 45:

Yam shel Shlomo. The Copy that Belonged to the Friend and Disciple of the Besh"t, the Author of 'Meir Netivim' and ...

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Yam shel Shlomo. The Copy that Belonged to the Friend and Disciple of the Besh"t, the Author of 'Meir Netivim' and his Family. Extraordinarily Rare.

Yam shel Shlomo - novellae on Tractate Beitzah by Rabbi Shlomo Luria - Maharsha"l. Lublin, 1636. First edition. Signature of the gaon Rabbi Meir Margaliot, author of Meir Netivim, one of the first among the Ba'al Shem Tov's sanctified group, and of his son, Rabbi Betzalel of Ostroh.

Rare first edition of the book Yam shel Shlomo, and as written on the title page for Masechet Yom Tov - the early nickname for Masechet Beitzah.

Rabbi Meir Margaliot's signature appears on leaf 41. The beginning of the signature used the printed letters מא as was customary, and he complete the signature by hand, adding the letters י and ר, producing his name מאיר - he apparently signed it in his youth. At a later stage, according to the shade of the ink, after his father's passing, he wrote, in brief, "ב׳הגאון מ״ו צ״ה זצ״ל." Rabbi Bezalel Margaliot of of Ostroh's signature is on the back of the title page, mentioning his father, Rabbi Betzalel and his grandfather, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch, adding "grandson of the gaon Rasha"l, author of this, Yam shel Shlomo." Rabbi Betzalel followed his father's footsteps and on leaf 31 [לא], he also used the printed letters to complete his name, בצלאל מרגליות.

Rabbi Meir Margaliot [c. 1707-1790] was born to his father Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch, renowned rabbi of Yudelowitz. Rabbi Meir served as rabbi of Horodenka, Lvov and Ostroh. He was a tremendous gaon on both the hidden and the revealed aspects of Torah, and one of the leading rabbis and sages of his era. Already in his youth he drew close to the Ba'al Shem Tov, even before his name was known, and the Ba'al Shem Tov very much honored him and drew him close. Rabbi Meir was one of the first to disseminate Chassidic doctrine. He mentioned the Besh"t with admiration, and also calls him "my teacher, my friend." He writes: "From when I joined together adhering with love to my teacher and friend, the rabbi, the Chassid, Yisrael Ba'al Shem Tov ... his conduct has been sanctified and pure, with utmost piety, asceticism and his wisdom, a tzaddik lives by his faith ..." Whether he was a primary rabbi who followed the Ba'al Shem Tov was a major cause of dispute with the Chassidic movement. The author of Meir Netivim was one of the pillars of Rabbinic instruction on the matter of agunot. In 1768 there were pogroms in and around Uman; thousands of Jews were killed, and he dealt a lot with complex questions for agunot that came up as a result, and many of the questions in his renowned book Shu"t Meir Netivim deal with this matter.

Rabbi Meir authored a number of important works in revealed and hidden aspects of Torah, sermons, aside from the responsa. His books are encompassed under the general title Ohr Olam. His important and renowned responsa Meir Netivim, in two parts (Polona, 1791-1792).

Rabbi Bezalel son of Rabbi Meir Margaliot served as a rabbi in Zhvil, and from 1790, he was selected to succeed his father as rabbi of Ostroh. He also followed Rabbi Zusha of Anipoli, who honored him very much and would visit Ostroh annually and stay in his home.

He occupied himself with editing  his father's books, and with the book Ohr Olam Ner Shlishi, Sod Yachin U'Voaz, adding his own thoughts. In the approbation he wrote to the first edition of the book Shibchei HaBa'al Shem Tov he wrote about the Besh"t 'Multifaceted person, his fruits are kodesh hilulim , our honorable teacher, G-dly man in breadth and depth, wondrous person.' He attests about his father that ' He was, from childhood ... of the Besh"t's holy group.'

Especially rare book. One of the rare books from Lublin, most of which were lost during the Cossack riots.

[1] 64 [1] leaf, Approximately 19 cm. The Bibliography of the Hebrew Book writes about copies with additional leaves not from the body of the book, but these leaves are not found in most of the copies that survived. Very fine condition. New binding.

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