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Sefer HaRokeach. Fano, 1505. Post Incunabula. Wide Margins.

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Sefer HaRokeach. Fano, 1505. Post Incunabula. Wide Margins.

Sefer HaRokeach based on Rabbeinu Elazar [of Garmaiza] son of Rabbeinu Yehudah ztz"l. Fano, 1505, first edition. Post incunabula in impressive condition.

One of the most important books of halachah from one of the early rabbinic leaders, who aside from the halachahs of prayer and festivals, issur v'heter, and nashim, combined with words of reverence and repentance.

The first Hebrew book printed with a title page. Printed on the title page, aside from the names of the book and its author: 'Proofread with precision by the luminary of our exile, Rabbi Yehudah Ya'aleh I"sh Pizr"i Tzv"i.' On the colophon: "HaRokeach is completed ... in Fano, on the eve of Passover, 1505." 

The author Rabbeinu Elazar of Garmaiza (c. 1176-1238) was a son and disciple of Rabbi Yehudah b"r Kalonymus of Magentza, and disciple of Rabbi Yehudah HeChassid, author of Sefer Chassidim, one of the leaders of 'Chassidei Ashkenaz, ' who aside from being a well-known adjudicator, also dealt with Kabbalah. He authored many books, and his name has been accepted over the generations as "the author of HaRokeach, " after this book. Ginzei Yisrael 954.

[109] leaf, 28.5 cm. Wide margins. Thick, high-quality paper.

Very fine condition. Stains in the first five leaves. The rest of the leaves are white. Simple binding.

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