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LOT 24:

Shoshanat HaAmakim. Copy Belonging to the 'Kol Aryeh' and his Grandson, the 'Lechem Shlomo' of Shamloy, with ...

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Shoshanat HaAmakim. Copy Belonging to the 'Kol Aryeh' and his Grandson, the 'Lechem Shlomo' of Shamloy, with Handwritten Glosses
Shoshanat HaAmakim - Talmudic and halachic rules by Rabbi Yosef Teomim, author of Pri Megadim. Lemberg, 1837. Pedigree copy with extremely interesting glosses and notations.
The copy before us belonged to the gaon Rabbi Avraham Yehudah HaKohen Schwartz of Mád, author of Kol Aryeh, who bequeathed it to his beloved grandson, the gaon Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich, rabbi of Shamloy and author of Lechem Shlomo. The flyleaf bears signatures of both geonim. Page 27b bears a lengthy scholarly notation handwritten by the author of Lechem Shlomo. The back flyleaf bears a lengthy notation, dated, also in the hand of the author of Lechem Shlomo, with his signature, about the greatness of his grandfather, the author of Kol Aryeh: "The rabbi, the gaon, famous in all ... the sharp ... expert in Sha"s and adjudicative literature, in both breadth and depth, illuminating the land and its inhabitants, wonder of the generation, glory of the times, luminary of the exile ... tzaddik foundation of the world, Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen, Av Beit Din of ... and environs."
The gaon Rabbi Avraham Yehudah HaKohen Schwartz [1824-1884] was the Av Beit Din of Beregszász and Mád in Hungary; he was known by and called after the name of his book, the 'author of Kol Aryeh.' He was one of the geonim and tzaddikim of Hungary. He was among the final disciples of the Chata"m Sofer and studied with him until the latter's passing. The Chata"m Sofer valued him, and was much beloved to him - as much as he admired him. There is a wondrous tale told that when he was about 14 years old, the Chata"m Sofer recognized that his soul-root was lofty. When he told a Kabbalistic tale about his rabbi, Rabbi Natan Adler, the Chata"m Sofer turned to him and said, "Avraham Leib, listen well to this tale, it will serve you in the future." And Rabbi Avraham did indeed become famous over the years - aside from his tremendous greatness in Torah - also as a Kabbalist and a wonder-worker, such that it is sufficient to cite what is related in the book Toldot HaKol Aryeh (section 14, Kleinwardien, 1940): Anyone with strong pain in his tooth among the people of his town, a small town without a dentist, would, as a matter of course, go to the town rabbi. He would put his finger on the painful tooth, and the pain would instantly cease! Torah and Chassidic leaders admired him. The gaon Rabbi Akiva Sofer of Krakow attested that he was a: "Complete tzaddik, clear gaon, sharp and expert in revealed and hidden realms of Torah, beloved among disciples of my father, luminary of the Diaspora." The author of Divrei Chaim of Sanz expressed regarding him: He is a true Torah scholar. He also studied Kabbalah b'chavruta, in secret, with the gaon, the tzaddik, the author of Yitev Lev. His disciples include rabbinic leaders of Hungary.
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich [1963-1944] was the Av Beit Din of Shamloy in the Selej district of Transylvania. He was known by the name of his book, Lechem Shlomo. Besides that book, he authored approximately another 40 works! Rabbi Shlomo Zalman was born in Beregszász and was raised by his grandfather, Rabbi Avraham Yehudah Schwartz, author of Kol Aryeh, who served as rabbi of the city. The Lechem Shlomo was known as one of the most important rabbis and adjudicators of his generation. And like his grandfather, he was also considered in the next generation one of the leading geonim and tzaddikim of Hungary. The Lechem Shlomo was among the Chassidim and disciples of the author of Kedushat Yom Tov of Sighet, and of his son, Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar. He was murdered with his community in Auschwitz, towards the end of WWII.
50 leaves. 22 cm; fine condition. Aging stains. Owners' notations. Simple binding.

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