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LOT 44:

Kuntress 'Techinah Kol Bechiyot.' Zhitomir, 1857. Unknown

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Kuntress 'Techinah Kol Bechiyot.' Zhitomir, 1857. Unknown
Techinah Kol Bechiyot, brought from the Land of Israel. Supplication originally in Hebrew and designated to be recited in the month of Elul. Translation by Mrs. Henna, wife of Rabbi Aryeh Leib Safra of Brod. Printed by the Shapira brothers. Zhitomir, 1857.
The title page bears the place and names of the printers in Russian only. The Techinah is not listed by the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book and does not appear in the National Library's collection.
As is known, books that were printed at the presses in Slavuta and in Zhitomir by the Shapira family, sons and grandsons of Rabbi Pinchas of Koritz, are known to have additional sanctity. They are considered segulah books, especially books of Tehillim and techinot, with prayers recited from them considered to be with a segulah to be readily accepted. All the more so this ancient book of Techinot, possibly the only surviving copy.
14 pp. Leaves of various sizes, as it left the press. Moderate condition. Aging stains. Tears in the upper margins, with damage to individual words. Without a binding.
Bound together with [7] additional Yiddish prayer booklets, published in a similar period, some of which are blemished.
* Techinah fun Rosh Chodesh Bentchin. Vilna, 1855. * Techinah Teshuvah Tefillah U'Tzedakah. Vilna, 1858. * Techinah Sha'arei Teshuvah. Vilna, 1853. * Techinah Shalosh She'arim. Vilna, 1859.
* Techinah Imahot. Vilna, 1859. * Sefer Tefillah Zakah by the author of Chayyei Adam. Vilna, 1857.
* Mikra Kodesh. Leaves 5-16. The beginning is lacking. Vilna? 1878?.

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