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LOT 31:

Kabbalistic Bukharian Siddur Sent to be Printed in Vilna. Rare

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Kabbalistic prayer book per the Bukharian custom. Brought to print by order of Rabbi Pinchas HaKohen, rabbi of Bukhara. Vilna, 1836. Especially rare siddur; the National Library does not have a complete copy, and it is listed in the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book according to a copy in a private collection.
With the addition of laws, azharot and zechirot, and supplements by the Chid"a called 'Devarim Achadi"m.' With a large picture of the psalm LaMenatzeach (psalm 67) covering an entire page. Many Kabbalistic intentions, with sharp censorship. About the siddur and its printing, see Ohel Rache"l I, pp. 367-369. A copy of the rare title page appears in Giora Pozilov's book, MiBukhara LiYerushalayim, p. 49.
The prayer book before us, in the nusach of Bukharian Jewry, was sent to Vilna to be printed. The censor's permit was given on Dec. 17, 1836, just after the Russian government's decree to close all the Hebrew presses in Russia. However, in Vilna, the decree was only partial, but printing was severely censored. Indeed, censor Leo Barovsky, who examined the siddur before us, did not allow using the terms 'goy' nor עכו"ם ['aku"m'], just 'worshipers of stars and constellations' using the abbreviation עכומ"ז. For example, in the morning blessings (page 15b) it says, "who has not made me worshipers(!) of stars and constellations [שלא עשני עובדי(!) כוכבים ומזלות].
Mispaginated: 17; 16-17, 20-55, 57-71, 68, 73-92, 94-118, 107, 119-144 [1] leaf, 19 cm. Bibliographic material included.
Moderate condition. Owners' notations. Aging stains. Several detached leaves. Blemish in the margins of the title page without damage to text. Blemishes in the margins of leaves: 77; 92, with damage to text. Bukharian leather binding, embossed.

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