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LOT 32:

Chumashim - Ezrat HaSofer [4 Volumes]. With the Folded Leaves. Vienna, 1818. Rare Leather Bindings.

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$ 500
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$700 - $1,000
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Magnificent set of 'Ezrat HaSofer' chumashim [Bereishit, Shemot, VaYikra, BaMidbar]. Haftarahs per the Ashkenazic and Sephardic community customs at the end of each volume, with separate title pages for the hafatarah sections. Vienna, 1818. Owners' notations in Oriental script from the period of printing.
Before us is a specially proofread chumash designed to be used as an example for Torah scribes per the custom called "Vavei HaAmudim, " according to which each column of the Torah scroll begins with the letter ו'. Shirat HaYam is designed according to the "tile on brick" pattern in the Torah scroll, and is therefore printed on large, folded leaves. With the "Ohr Torah" glosses by Rabbi Menachem di-Lonzano. The Meir Netiv compilation is printed at the beginning of Chumash Bereishit regarding the holy Names and the mundane names in the Torah Scroll, by Rabbi Yehudah Pisa.
Especially magnificent original leather binding, gilt on both sides with fine color imprints of floral and pomegranate designs. There is also an artistic imprint of the owner's name: הצעיר משה חיים מורדוך הי"ו ס"ט.
[19], 18-108; 88; 76 leaves. (Four volumes, Chumash Devarim is lacking.) 16 cm. Fine condition.