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LOT 41:

Passover Haggadah - Geulat Yisrael. Zhitomir, 1848. Especially Rare.

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Seder Haggadah shel Pesach  - Geulat Yisrael  by Rabbi Moshe of Zolshin, at the press of the brothers Rabbi Chanina Lipa, Rabbi Aryeh Leib and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira, grandsons of the rabbi of Slavuta. Zhitomir, 1848. Exceptionally rare Chassidic haggadah, especially fully complete.

On the title page: Including the order of customs for Leil Shimurim and the "Yalkut HaRo'im" commentary, and including a booklet of tales of wonders. Anthologized and compiled by Rabbi Moshe of Zolshin.

Rabbi Moshe of Zaloshin was one of the leading disciples of the seer of Lublin, who attested about him that from the age of ten, he dedicated himself to Hash-m. He was very particular to recite Tikkun Chatzot. It is told that at his daughter's wedding, he left the gathering; people searched for him, and found him in the synagogue reciting Tikkun Chatzot. He also authored Mishpat Tzeddek on Psalms and Tikkunei Shabbat on prayer. All his writings have been very accepted throughout generations of Chassidim.

Passover haggadah printed in sanctity by the rabbinic brothers of the Shapira family.

Handwritten customs and supplements have been added along the leaves of the haggadah.

Ya'ari 682; Otzar HaHaggadot 927.

71 pp, 19.5 cm. Fine-very fine condition. Minimal aging stains. Minimal worming perforations, professionally restored. New binding.

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