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LOT 26:

Hafla'ah. Copy that Belonged to the Gaon Rabbi Yehudah Assad

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Hafla'ah. Copy that Belonged to the Gaon Rabbi Yehudah Assad

Sefer HaMikneh, the second part of Sefer Hafla'ah, novellae on Tractate Kiddushin and its halachahs, by Rabbi Pinchas HaLevi Horowitz, Rabbi of Frankfurt. Lvov, 1818. Glosses by Rabbi Yehudah Assad, with his signature.

The title page bears Rabbi Yehudah Assad's signature, and there are approximately 15  glosses along the book's leaves in Rabbi Yehudah Assad's hand; most are lengthy scholarly glosses.

Rabbi Yehudah Assad - Mahari"a Assad, was rabbi of Szerdahely and one of the rabbinic leaders of Hungary. He was born in 1797 in Assad, adjacent to Budapest. He studied at yeshivah under Rabbi Mordechai Bennet, and within a short time he was appointed by him to deliver lectures. When the Chata"m Sofer met him, he was quite taken with him, and even worked that he be accepted as rabbi in Szerdahely. He established a yeshivah there with about 150 young men. He was one of the most prominent rabbis and spiritual leaders of Hungarian Jewry, and was known for his battle against the Reform. He passed away in 1866. He authored Shu"t Yehudah Ya'aleh, Chiddushei Mahari"ah and more.

[1], 2, [1], 3-124; 48 leaf, 37 cm.

Second, rare edition. Listed in the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book according to a copy in the Bar Ilan library.

Fine-very fine condition. Dismantled binding.

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