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Set [2 Volumes] of Arvei Nachal. [Sudilkov, 1825], First Edition

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Set [2 Volumes] of Arvei Nachal. [Sudilkov, 1825], First Edition
Arvei Nachal - sermons on the Torah per Chassidic foundations, by the Admo"r Rabbi David Shlomo Eibeschutz.
Known by the name of his book, as the author of Arvei Nacha"l. The first edition before us was printed in two variants with very tiny differences between them, and was printed without indication of place nor the year of print. It is commonly accepted that it was printed in Sudilkov, 1825-1826.
Before us is the first edition of one of the fundamental and most important books from the second generation of Chassidism. The book is founded on the Ba'al Shem Tov's words, whose words, along with his disciples' words, are often cited in this book. The book is built on lengthy sermons on the weekly Torah portions and the festivals. In the weekly portion Shelach (leaf 77) there is a picture of the splitting of the Red Sea, with the walking routes of the 12 tribes.
Rabbi David Shlomo Eibeshutz [1855-1914] was one of the leading Admo"rs of his generation. He belonged to the group of disciples of Rabbi Yechiel Michel, "the maggid of Zlotchov, " and even brought something heard in his name in this book (in the Torah portion "Ki Tisa"). He was a friend of many of the rabbinic leaders of his generation: Rabbi Ya'akov Shimshon of Shepetovka, Rabbi Baruch of Medzhibuzh, Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel of Apta, author of Kedushat Levi, who wrote about him in his approbation for Levushei Sarad, "Sharp and expert in the realms of Torah as one of the first; all his actions are for the sake of Heav-n. He dove into mighty waters down to the depths of halachah." The author of Be'er Mayim Chaim writes in his approbation there, "The Torah light of the honorable rabbi, the gaon, the great eagle, the illuminating candle, the glory of the Jewish people ... and I saw that the book's words are the lights that illuminate and shine in every direction and into every corner." In 1808, he ascended to the Land of Israel and settled in Safed, where he passed away. His grave in the cave of tzaddikim in Safed, beside that of the "Bat Ayin, " became a pilgrimage site, known primarily as a tried-and-true segulah for salvation in finding one's match. The author chose the name Arvei Nachal in his lifetime, but the intent in his choice of this name is unclear. He merited that Levushei Sarad in halachah and Arvei Nachal on Chassidut became very well-known.
[Part I]: Bereishit-Shemot. [2], 98 leaves; Vayikra. 41 leaves.
[Part II]: Bamidbar-Devarim. [1] 43- 168 leaves.
22 cm; fine condition. Aging stains. Minor Worming perforations. Tiny tears in the margins of several leaves, some restored, with minimal damage to text. Light restoration to the margins of the title pages. New semi-leather bindings.

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