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LOT 40:

Likkutei Mohara"n, First Complete Edition Printed by Rabbi Natan Underground in his Home. [Breslov], 1821. Gloss ...

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Likkutei Mohara"n, First Complete Edition Printed by Rabbi Natan Underground in his Home. [Breslov], 1821. Gloss from the Time of Printing
Likkutei Mohara"n, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov's doctrine. Both parts together. The edition before us is actually the conclusive edition of Likkutei Mohara"n, according to which the hundreds of later editions were printed. In this edition, the two parts were printed together as a complete book; it was also printed with an expanded introduction containing more details that were not in the first edition preceding it; as well as leaves of approbations from rabbinic leaders of the generation, the "Beit Ephraim" and others, appear here for the first time; as well as references which were not printed in the first edition. Breslov, 1821. Rare book, especially in such beautiful condition.
Leaf 2 (in Part I) bears a lengthy handwritten gloss from the period of the book's printing, possibly in the hand of Rabbi Avraham of Tulchin, renowned disciple of Rabbi Natan of Breslov.
Moharana" t of Breslov was Rabbi Natan Sternholtz of Nemirov [1740-1845], senior disciple of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. He printed this edition in his underground press at his home in Breslov, for fear of the authorities, because this printing was without the censor's permit. This is also the reason that the book's title pages prominently indicate that was printed, as it were, in Ostroh and in Mohilev, respectively, but both parts were actually printed together in Breslov. Rabbi Natan of Breslov writes of himself in the book's foreword: "I started setting up the press in my home in 1819 in order to reprint his holy books with several wondrous corrections, and I had many struggles with it, innumerable tremendous obstacles. And with His wondrous salvation, Hash-m desired its success and I finished it in three years, that is, from 1819 through the end of 1821, when the printing of Likkutei Mohara"n HaRishon V'Tanina was completed."
Two parts: 4, 122, [1]; [1] 44 leaves. 24 cm. Bluish and greenish paper. In the copy before us, the table of contents for the first part is bound at the end of the second part. Stefansky, Chassidut 287.
Fine condition. Aging stains. Professionally restored. Completion of white margins in the first title page and in several leaves. Leaves 42 and 43 in the second part bear a small professional completion of text using leaves from a different copy. New semi-leather binding.

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