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Discovery. Torat Chatat Copy which Belonged to the 'Avnei Nezer' with his Signature and Unknown Glosses in his Own Hand

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Discovery. Torat Chatat Copy which Belonged to the 'Avnei Nezer' with his Signature and Unknown Glosses in his Own Hand
Torat Chatat by Rabbeinu the Ram" a with the 'Minchat Ya'akov' elucidation. Zolkiew, 1859. Copy which belonged to the renowned gaon the Admo" r Rabbi Avraham Borenstein of Sochochov, author of Avnei Nezer, with his signature, stamp, and unknown glosses - in his very hand. Rare, one-of-a-kind item.
The book's title page [next to the word 'Chatat'] bears the author of Avnei Nezer's stamp: 'Avraham Borenstein' - in Hebrew and in a foreign language. On leaf א he wrote his name in a special form, as he was known to write: the א that indicates the leaf number is used as the first letter of his name after which he added the rest of the letters in his name; the letter ם is erased.
There are two glosses in his own hand on the sheets of the book: a lengthy scholarly gloss on page 27b - a 13-line gloss, in his hand. To the best of our knowledge, this gloss has not been printed. There is an additional shorter gloss on page 40b.
Rabbi Avraham Borenstein [1839-1910] was the first Admo" r of Sochachov. He was known as one of the greatest scholars and adjudicators of recent generations. He was one of the leading geonim and tzaddikim of his generation. At the beginning of his book, he relates that as a child, " my father and teacher, ztz" l taught me the ways of in-depth study, and at the age of ten, I innovated novellae." After a well-known attempted match with the daughter of Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz which was unsuccessful, at the age of thirteen, he married Sarah Tzina, daughter of Menachem Mendel of Kotzk; his father was one of the latter's Chassidim. He saw his father-in-law as his primary teacher. Although he arrived in Kotzk during a period in which the rebbe secluded himself in his room, for him, the door was open. At the beginning of his book Elglei Tal, he attests: " I entered the inner sanctum of the home of my father-in-law, the Admo" r, ztz" l, of Kotzk, the source of wisdom and understanding. I learned the ways of in-depth study from him, and through him I became aware of what comprises true Torah novellae, because not all in-depth argumentation constitutes true Torah novellae, and there I experienced unbelievable Divine intervention opening my eyes, in the order of study and novellae." The Avnei Nezer served as an Admo" r to thousands of Chassidim, aside from being a renowned adjudicator in all four parts of the Shulchan Aruch. He also led a yeshivah where he taught his disciples his special scholarly method. Many of the geonim of Poland were among his foremost disciples. Despite his being a Chassidic Admo" r, his books are fundamental books in the Lithuanian yeshivah world as well.
Certified expert identification of the handwriting included.
[1], 62; 33; [8] leaves. Three title pages. 29 cm; Moderate condition. Oil stain on the bottom of the pages. Magnificent new leather binding.

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