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LOT 47:

Seder HaTena'im V'HaKetubah, Rabbi Yoelish of Satmar's Copy. Segulah Book

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Seder HaTena'im V'HaKetubah, Rabbi Yoelish of Satmar's Copy. Segulah Book

Seder HaTena'im V'HaKetubah SheBein Yisrael L'Avihem SheBashmayim by Rabbi Yisrael Najara, New York [c. 1948]. Copy which belonged to the Admo"r Rabbi Yoelish of Satmar. With magnificent binding bearing an imprint of the rebbe's name.

On the title page: "Whoever accustoms himself to read the HaTena'im V'HaKetubah - this is a segulah for fear of Heaven and success."

Seder HaTena'im V'HaKetubah by Rabbi Yisrael Najara is an engagement agreement and a marriage contract - like those prepared for a bridegroom and bride - but here the "bridegroom" is the Creator of the world, who commits to giving the "bride" all the good in the world. The copy before us is actually the engagement agreement between - as it were - Hash-m and the 'beautiful maiden, ' the Satmar Rebbe.

This compilation was published by R' Yossel Ashkenazi [1914-2002], the legendary assistant, right-hand-man and cousin of the Admo"r of Satmar; he gave it as a present to his rabbi. At the top of the title page, R' Yossel Ashkenazi wrote (in pencil) in his familiar script: 'Admo"r shlit"a, 1948.'

The Admo"r R' Yoel Teitelbaum  [1887-1979] was the leader of the largest and wealthiest Chassidic court in the world. He was the son of the "Kedushat Yom Tov" and younger brother of the "Atzei Chaim." He succeeded his father as leader of the Chassidut. He was the first Admo"r of Satmar Chassidism. He was noted for his greatness even before the Holocaust. His father passed away when R' Yoelish was just seventeen years old, but the Chassidim still desired the latter's leadership and began to gather around him. From then on, he served as a rabbi of prominent communities for over seventy years. He survived the Holocaust via the Kastner train, and Satmar Chassidim celebrate 21 Kislev as the Admo"r's " Yom HaHatzalah." He ascended to Palestine, and then moved to the United States where he helped reestablish the Chassidic world. He elevated Chassidism, which had lost most of its followers during the war, and cultivated the dormant spirituality of the survivors. He worked tirelessly to found Torah institutions and restore Judaism after the destruction of European Jewry. He was well-known for his zealous opinions and his uncompromising opposition to Zionism; he is considered its primary and most bitter rival. He authored VaYoel Moshe, Imrei Yoel, Divrei Yoel and more.

[5], 3-16, [1] leaf, 15 cm. Fine condition. Aging stains. Elegant binding.

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