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LOT 53:

Kadosh HaKodashim. Personal Prayer Book of Rabbi Yeshayaleh of Kerestirer. Thrilling Item.

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Kadosh HaKodashim. Personal Prayer Book of Rabbi Yeshayaleh of Kerestirer. Thrilling Item.

Siddur HaAriza"l - personal prayer book of the wondrous tzaddik, the pillar of prayer in his generation, Rabbi Yeshayaleh of Kerestir. He poured out his heart with his famous prayers, saturated with splendor, before his Creator, from this siddur, according to the Ariza"l's intentions. With these, he worked his famous salvations and open miracles for the salvation of the masses of Jewish people he loved so much. Rare item evoking excitement.

Rebbe Yeshayaleh's owner's stamp appears twice in the siddur. The first time, after the approbations of leading tzaddikim and Admo"rim, in a blank part of the page, and the second time is at the end. The stamp is in Hungarian: "Saje Steiner Rabbi B. Kereszur" [- Shayah Steiner Admo"r Bodrog-Kerestir in Hungarian: Bodrog-Kerestir, or in short, B. Keresztur].

In this siddur which served Rebbe Yeshayaleh for many years (the siddur was printed 25 years before his passing), there are many usage stains, stains from sweat and tears. It is interesting to note the places where the marks from sweat and tears are most numerous, for example: at the ketoret and seder hama'arachah before the Shacharit prayer (known to be a segulah for livelihood); in the blessing Barech Aleinu in the Shmoneh Esreh prayer; in the prayer "May it be the will of our Father in Heav-n ... our brethen, the house of Israel"; in Ashrei after Shmoneh Esreh (many marks); the megillah blessings; Grace after Meals and more.

Refer to the Hebrew catalog text for a brief biography of the tzaddik Rabbi Yeshayah Steiner - 'Rebbe Yeshayaleh Kerestirer.' 

Siddur Chemdat Yisrael - with the Ariza"ls intentions, arranged by Rabbi Shmuel, son of Rabbi Chaim Vital, was published from a manuscript in the Chid"a's possession, which reached Rabbi Shraga of Shinova. He transferred the manuscript to the 'Minchat Elazar' of Munkacs to edit and print. Munkacs, 1901. [4], 276 leaves. 23 cm; fine condition. Tiny tear in the title page with damage to two words in the approbation on the back of the title page. Light tears. Usage marks. Aging and tear stains. New antique-style leather binding.

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