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LOT 23:

Ohr Chadash, Many Handwritten Glosses in the Hand of Rabbi David Deitch, Av Beit Din of Ir Chadash, and Close ...

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Ohr Chadash, Many Handwritten Glosses in the Hand of Rabbi David Deitch, Av Beit Din of Ir Chadash, and Close Disciple of the Chata"m Sofer

Ohr Chadash, Part III - novellae on Tractate Kiddushin by Rabbi Elazar Kalir. Wien (Vienna) 1799. First edition. There are approximately 20 glosses on the book's sheets in the hand of Rabbi David Deutch, rabbi of " Ir Chadash" [Novo Mesto], who was also a friend of the author. Several glosses are slightly cropped at the ends, but still legible.

Interesting dedication on the flyleaf. Mishloach manot for Purim, 1881, from Rabbi Menachem Mendel Deutch, apparently a descendant of the author's, sent to the young man Avraham Auschpitz. He was the head of the Dej community and authored the book Eshel Avraham [Dej, 1930]. The famous gaon Rabbi Shmuel Engel said regarding him that he is "the gaon of the ba'alei batim."

Rabbi David Deutch [1756-1831] was one of the leading geonim of Hungary, author of Ohel David. He was the foremost disciple of Rabbi Yechezkel Segal Landau, author of Noda BiYehudah. In the book Noda BiYehudah, there are dozens of responsa written to him. Rabbi David Deutch was a close friend of Rabbi Moshe Sofer, author of Chata"m Sofer. The Chata"m Sofer's tremendous admiration for him can be learned from one of the letters the Chata"m Sofer wrote to Rabbi David Deutch: "I am confident in [your] great love that [you] will look upon me kindly to mention me in [your] prayers." In his book Ohel David, printed after the Chata"m Sofer's passing, the Chata"m Sofer wrote in the foreword: "The tzaddik, the holy Jew, the gaon of the world ... we are overjoyed to be privileged to his discussions and his light ... and the tzaddik's merit will stand for us against all evil, to bless the House of Israel with Hash-m's blessings." The author of Yismach Moshe  wrote in his approbation: "The ways of the world go forth from his his pure mouth ... the gaon and famous true tzaddik ... and Torah is sought from his mouth because he is a G-dly angel ..." Rabbi David served as a rabbi in Yemnitz, Frauenkirchen, Sezdahely, and finally, in Novo Mesto - 'Ir Chadash' - by whose name he is known.

Refer to the Hebrew catalog text for a brief biography of the book's author, Rabbi Elazar HaKalir.

Handwriting expert's confirmation included. 152 leaves, 35 cm.

Fine condition. Minimal worming perforations. Taped reinforcements. Simple binding, worn.

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