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First edition of the "Biur" fot Haftoires "complete copy". Haftoires of all year round with translation and ...

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First edition of the "Biur" fot Haftoires "complete copy". Haftoires of all year round with translation and annotation. Berlin 1790.
Book of haftoires for all year round with translation (Yiddish) and annotation. Printed by Chevras Shocharei Hatov Vehatoshiyah.
Berlin 1790, First edition.
Volume one: Breshis - Tishrei – Chanukah - Fast days. 2, 89 sheets.
Volume two: Shmos – 4 parshas – Shabbos erev Rosh Chodesh and Rosh Chodesh – 1, 79 sheets
Volume 3: Vayikra – Shabbos Hagodel – Pesach. 1, 62 sheets, 1 sheet; last sheet correction page Breshis – Vayikra.
Volume 4: Bamidbar – Shvuos – Dvarim till Nitzavim – Tisha Bav. 2, 79, 3 sheets; 3 last pages blessings of haftorah.
The book has been translated by 9 translators and well-known scholars, including Moshe Mendelson, Itzik Eichel and more.
Hebrew and Yiddish page by page and the commentary below the text in Hebrew.
An extremely rare book, appeared in auctions only once.
A separate tilte page for each section followed by a shortened title and a general title at the beginning of the book.
At the end of each section is the list of all the Haftarah translators and translators and explorers.
The book got al wet and the pages are stuck to each other, apparently in patient and gentle work it will be possible to separate most pages and maybe even all of them. Another option is to give a professional bookmaker the book and it is very possible that the pages can be arranged in a wash.
 The book comes from a Chasidic house and, well known, the Chasidim were very opposed to Haskalah books and the book may have been soaked by its owners in order to exclude it from being used.
Damaged and worn original wood binding, fine white paper, fine margins, wetness as above also includes a few hard damp stains, few holes on the pages that have not been carefully separated, the book needs sewing, on pages 7 to 8 in the first volume is cut to the margins. Few letters were damaged.

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