Аукцион 12 Israeli and Jewish Culture and History - including Holocaust, Judaica and Art.
26.11.19 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
 Klil, Western Galilee

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Real Photo PC - Ben Gurion and Ben Zvi Before WWI Deportation from Palestine.

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A group photo of Poalei Zion members among them David Ben Gurion and Yitzhak Ben Zvi, before the deportation by the Ottomans from Palestine during WWI. PC division to back side.
Ben Gurion and Ben Zvi were deported to Alexandria and from there sailed to NY where they stayed 1915-1918.
The photo was framed with glass, and got attached to the glass. During an attempt to separate it from the glass it was partly torn, and is sold with the glass, as is.